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Pradžia Universitetas Renginiai Scientific Seminar for Academic Staff "The Contribution of Multinationals to Inequality: Foreign Ownership and Gender Wage Gap"

Scientific Seminar for Academic Staff "The Contribution of Multinationals to Inequality: Foreign Ownership and Gender Wage Gap"

2018-02-05 15:00 val.
SRK-I 704, Saulėtekio al. 11, Vilnius
Dr. Viktorija Skvarciany, Vice Dean for Science and Innovation

Dr. Jaan Masso from University of Tartu (Estonia) will delivery a scientific seminar for academic staff "The Contribution of Multinationals to Inequality: Foreign Ownership and Gender Wage Gap".
Whereas there is an abundance of studies documenting the significant wage premium of multinationals (MNE) and the effects of FDI on wage inequality, much less is still known about how foreign ownership affects the gender wage gap of employees at firms.  This study shows, based on employer-employee level data from Estonia – a country in the EU with the largest gender wage gap – a regularity: that foreign-owned firms have on average substantially larger gender wage gap than domestically owned firms. Among different occupation groups, this result is especially evident among managers. Furthermore, this difference is also evident if we focus on acquisitions of domestic firms by MNEs and estimate its effects based on propensity score matching. The resulting increase in gender wage gap is due to men capturing higher wage premium from working at foreign-owned firms than women, although both tend to gain in terms of wages from being employed at MNEs.  We find some limited evidence suggesting that the foreign owned-domestic owned firm difference in gender wage gap could potentially be explained with MNEs’ requiring more of continuous commitment from their employees compared to other firms.
Dr Jaan Masso is Head of Chair of Economic Modelling, programme managers of the Master’s Programme in Quantitative Economics and Senior Research Fellow of applied econometrics at the University of Tartu (UT). He has also worked as a visiting researcher at Eesti Pank (central bank of Estonia). He holds a PhD in Economics from the UT since 2005. His main research areas are labour economics (labour demand, wages, labour market flows, labour market of scientists, firm demographics), international labour migration, foreign direct investments (own firm and spillover effects, employment effects), innovations (impact on productivity, innovation in services sector), international trade (export dynamics at firm-market-product level), research policy. He has participated in various national and international research projects (EU, ILO, OECD, World Bank). His publications include articles in Journal of Comparative Economics, European Journal of Industrial Relations, Eastern European Economics, Economics of Transition, Services Industries Journal, Scottish Journal of Political Economy, International Business Review, Review of World Economics etc. His empirical research makes use of a wide set of different individual-level and firm-level datasets. Under Jaan Masso’s co-supervision three PhD students have defended their dissertations and he is currently supervising 9 PhD students.
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