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Electronics Studies Study programmes

Bachelor studies

The Faculty of Electronics prepares bachelors, who are interested in the latest technologies and trends in their development, in technological innovations, who are able to apply them in various circumstances, formulate and solve problems of electrical and electronic engineering, and act on a globalized market. 

Applicants should be attracted to learn how to master the latest information and management technologies, how to develop new electronic systems and computer-controlled equipment, to solve problems in industry and business, both in the privatize and public sectors by using the principals of science and math. They work independently as well as in a supervisory capacity. This field is in touch with a wide and growing range of applications of technology, and therefore has many applications in today's workforce.
The Automation Studies program is designed for those who want to engage in the design, development and operation of various management systems. Graduates are ready to work in organizations that design, upgrade and operate automation equipment and automation systems, as well as in various industries, transport, energy and construction companies.
Computer Engineering
Graduates will be able to design, modernize, deploy and program computer systems and install security tools for computer networks. Will acquire practical design knowledge, will be able to implement multi-purpose embedded computers with microcontrollers, signal processors and programmable logic diagrams.
Electrical Energetics engineering
Graduates will be able to design electronic devices, design and maintain energy systems, carry out diagnostics of energy systems, integrate electronics and electrical engineering innovations into existing energy systems, perform various engineering tasks at different levels of management and develop smart electrical and electronics engineering systems.
Electronics Engineering
The study program is designed to prepare bachelors of electronics engineering, who understand how electronics work and who are learning how to develop the latest electronic devices and computerized electronic systems.
Information System Engineering
The study program is devoted to the preparation of bachelor's degree programs in engineering information systems. Upon graduation, graduates are knowledgeable about the latest information technology (IT) and the ability to offer, develop and deploy an IT product for business
Internet of Things Engineering
Graduates in Internet Engineering know and combine programming, embedded systems, communication systems, data networks, cloud computing and other knowledge and skills. Students are able to program information systems, manage data communication networks, apply Internet, data mining and cloud computing technologies.
Telecommunications Engineering
Telecommunications explores how information is transferred from one point to another. Telecommunications engineers design, develop and maintain all aspects of voice and data communications systems. The course is marketable as it draws its knowledge from both the information technology fields and the engineering.
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