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Research Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields was founded in 2001. In 2014 the Research Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields gained status of the Institute and was renamed to Institute of High Magnetic Fields.

Research Interests

  1. Generation of High Magnetic Fields
  2. Magnetic Field Sensors development
  3. Application of Pulsed Magnetic Fields in Material Science
  4. High-voltage Electric Pulses Generation and Applications
  5. High Power Semiconductor Switch Applications
  6. Application of High Power Pulses in Biotechnology


  1. Development of High Magnetic Field Generators
  2. Development of Magnetic Field Sensors
  3. Application of Pulsed Magnetic Fields in Applied Sciences.
  4. Application and Generation of Nanosecond Electric Pulses
  5. Methodology of Generating Microsecond and Millisecond Magnetic Field Pulses
  6. Development of High-Voltage Electric pulse generators
  7. Measurement of Magnetic field distribution
  8. Calculation of Magnetic Field Distribution using finite element method

Participation in scientific societies and public organizations

  1. ISP (International Society on Pulsed Power Applications)  
  2. EPPL (European Pulsed Power Laboratories)
  3. IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
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