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The Department of Telecommunication Engineering is a part of Faculty of Electronics of VGTU.
Our mission:
  • preparing highly qualified telecommunication professionals at the Bachelor and Master levels;
  • performing original research in the field of telecommunications;
  • acting as centre of competence and assist telecommunication market players to apply research in their work.
Our vision:
  • be highly reputed educational centre for telecommunication professionals in Lithuania;
  • offer modern program of telecommunication engineering studies to local and foreign students;
  • be engaged in international research projects, offer research services to industry.
The Department has faculty staff complement of 15, teaching around 60 module units each year (over two semesters) at BSc and MSc levels. Each year TED produces around 50-70 BSc and 15-20 MSc graduates with telecommunications engineering as major study subject.
We offer three study specialisations: Telecommunication Technology, Telecommunications Business and Smart Telecommunications (taught in English).
Besides of teaching, the important part of TED activities is in the scientific and applied research. We had several national research grants and participated in the following international activities:
  • COST Action 290 "Traffic and QoS Management In Wireless Multimedia Networks (WI-QOST)", 2005-2008;
  • COST Action IC0905 "Techno-Economic Regulatory Framework for Radio Spectrum Access for Cognitive Radio/Software Defined Radio (TERRA)", 2010-2014, VGTU TED acting as Founder and Co-ordinating entity;
  • COST Action IC0906 "Wireless Networking for Moving Objects (WiNeMO)", 2010-2014.
The Department of Telecommunications Engineering had been established at VGTU in year 2002 under the leadership of Prof. Algimantas Kajackas.
Initially starting with staff complement of 3, as of 2012 TED had 18 employees - lecturers, researchers and support staff, on full time or part time contracts.
VGTU Telecommunications Engineering Department anno 2011
Primary mission of TED is providing education of telecommunications engineers, at BSci and MSci levels. As of recently, the department has been successful in nurturing doctorate in the telecommunications field, having by 2011 produced seven PhDs. Two more are slated to defend their dissertations by the end of 2012.
Along with the educational activities, TED staff had been actively engaged in research activities. TED was among pioneers of the new research thread on the quality of service and quality of experience in mobile communications, with some prominent international publications and several research grants.
More recently, TED attention had been shifting to other aspects of smart wireless communications, such as the topic of Cognitive Radio and Software Defined Radio.
In 2012 the long serving Head of Department Prof. Kajackas stepped down, and Dr. Arturas Medeisis had been appointed as the new head.
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