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Elektroninių sistemų katedros bendroji nuotrauka
Are standing from left to right: Tomyslav Sledevič, Vacius Mališauskas, Antantas Gurskas, Kęstutis Bartnykas, Paulius Tumas, Dalius Matuzevičius, Julius Skirelis, Andrius Ušinskas, Raimond Laptik, Darius Plonis, Tomaš Tankeliun, Rimantas Pupeikis, Dalius Seliuta, Albertas Giržadas.
Are sitting from left to right: Vytautas Urbanavičius, Tatjana Gric, Artūras Serackis, Dovilė Kurpytė, Dalius Navakauskas, Rita Anzelma Raguckienė, Liudmila Nickelson, Raimundas Kirvaitis.
Bachelor Degree Studies
Name of qualification: Bachelor of Electronics Engineering
Study programme: Electronics Engineering
Continual studies: Desing of Electronic Devices (LT), Computerized Electronic Systems (LT)
Name of qualification: Bachelor of Informatics Engineering
Study programme: Information Systems Engineering
Continual studies: Computerized Information Systems (LT or EN) or E-Business Technologies (LT or EN)
Master Degree Studies
Name of qualification: Master of Electronics Engineering
Continual studies: Computerized Electronic Systems (LT),
Name of qualification: Master of Informatics Engineering
Study programme: Information Electronics Systems
Continual studies: Open Source Systems (LT), Signal Processing Systems (LT), Electronic Systems for Business (LT)

Our Partners

Department, as a part of Electronics faculty, is cooperating with these companies:
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Cooperation with companies is being developed continiously. Employers from various companies, not just the ones mentioned above, are coming to the faculty to communicate with the students and introduce them to their company, and the faculty makes sure they have every mean to do so..
The Radio Technology Department was founded in 1964. This department in 1966 was divided into two - Radio Hardware and Radioelectronics Departments.
At first Radioelectronics department was led by prof. Z. Vainoris. After his term came to an end a new head of departent was elected (on 1991 05 02) – prof. S. Štaras, who led the department for two terms. On 2000 06 06 a new head was elected again, this time it was R. Martavičius who was elected and led the department since.
Department of Radioelectronics was profiled and in cooperation with Department of Radio Hardware prepared bachelors, masters and doctors of electronics and electrotechnology. In 1991 – 1995 study programmes were reformed from grounds up. After the reform students were able to choose between specializations and pick the direction of their studies. With this reform department was able to prepare specialists of electornics and computerized electronic systems (both bachelors and masters). Study programme of computerized electronic systems was prepared in cooperation with scientists from mathematics and informatics institute, who were working in the field of signal processing.While considering the needs of current market, department prepared a study programme of telecommunications in 2001, which had two choices of direction: technologies of telecommunications and management of telecommunications.
In 2004 Radioelectronics Department was renamed in Department of Electronic Systems.
Currently department offers two study programmes: engineering of electronics (branches: computerized electronic systems) and engineering of information systems (branches: computerized information systems and technologies of business of electronics).
In 2008 masters study programmes has gone through some changes, because of which a new study programme for masters was introduced – electronic systems of information.
Romanas Martavičius Prof. habil. dr. Romanas Martavičius
VGTU Department of Electronic Systems Professor-Emeritus
VGTU Senate, year 2016
Romanas Martavičius Prof. habil. dr. Stanislovas Štaras
VGTU Department of Electronic Systems Professor-Emeritus
VGTU Senate, year 2008
Raimundas Kirvaitis Prof. habil. dr. Raimundas Kirvaitis
VGTU Department of Electronic Systems Professor-Emeritus
VGTU Senate, year 2007
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