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The history of the Faculty of Electronics dates back to 1961 when Kaunas Polytechnic Institute Faculty of  Appliances Engineering was founded. In 1964 the Faculty had four departments: the Department of General Physics, the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Electrical Engineering, and the Department of Radio Technology. In 1962, the first part-time Electricity Supply Engineers graduated the University; the number of students in the Radio Hardware Design and Manufacturing study programme has been growing. Five students crops have obtained diplomas in Radio Equipment. After KPI Vilnius branch was restructured into Vilnius Civil Engineering Institute, the Faculty changed its name to the Faculty of Automatization and had two departments: the Department of Radio Equipment Technologies and the Department of Electrical Equipment, which was later renamed to the Department of Electric Transmissions. The diminished faculty was sometimes called the Evening Faculty. Only after 18 years, when in 1987 the Faculty became a subdivision of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute, i.e. KPI Vilnius Branch, full-time studies became available to students. Since 1991, the Faculty was restructured into Vilnius Technical University Faculty of Electronics. The number of full-time students has been growing ever since. Up to now, the Faculty has prepared 4976 professionals. About 450 students are enrolled to the study programmes offered by the Faculty.
Associate Professor Stanislovas Marazas was the first Dean of the Faculty (1961-1967); he was succeeded by Associate ProfessorČeslovas Teišerskas, who held the office until 1978 and was succeeded by Professor Zenonas Vainoris, who was in office for a short period of time. Then, Associate Professor Algirdas Seiliustook over and performed the office of the Dean until 1991. In 1991-2001, the office was held by Associate Professor Kazimieras Vytautas Maceika, succeeded by Professor Raimundas Kirvaitis. Since September 2002, Professor Roma Rinkevičienė performs the office of the Dean.
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