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About Faculty

There are five departments at the Faculty – Automation, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Systems, Computer Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering. In 2002, the Faculty of Electronics moved to newly refurbished premises in Naugarduko street.
The Faculty offers three-degree study programs: Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctorial. There are five modern main study programmes with different specializations at the Faculty:
  • Automation (specializations: Automatic Control of Technologies; Computer Control of Equipment, Electric Systems of Buildings)
  • Electronics Engineering (specializations: Electronic Equipment and Computer Hardware; Computerized Electronic Systems
  • Information Systems Engineering (specializations: Computerized Information Systems; E-Business Technologies
  • Computer Engineering (specializations: Computer Technology; Computer-Aided Design Systems)
  • Telecommunications Engineering (specializations: Telecommunications Technology; Telecommunications Management)
Anyone willing and capable to study in English language can choose Computer-Aided Design Systems as a specialization of Information Systems Engineering study programme.
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